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Proper skin care is the solution of your body acne problems

Is your body covered with ugly pimples? Are there itching zits on your face, back, arms or shoulders? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, then alarm bells should go off. You are seemingly infected with body acne. Worry not though, for body acne is curable. You have to start with an exhaustive skin care regimen. The skin care tips that you will read in the below paragraphs will solve your body acne problems.

The first and foremost aspect of good skin care is to keep your skin clean. Consider this as the groundwork for body acne treatment. For this purpose, you will have to use a gentle skin cleanser that will not irritate your skin. Traditional bar soaps are a no no for people who have body acne. These products are made of harsh, chemical ingredients, which tend to worsen the matters. Please note that you have to specifically use a body cleanser as the ordinary facial cleansing agents will not cut it.

A number of people will advise you to use loofahs and body scrubs. If you are suffering from body acne and adhere to this piece of advice, you will only end up in one place - in more trouble. Scrubbing an acne infected skin will not only cause more itching and irritation, it will lead to acne spreading all over the body. Increase in the inflammation levels is another unwelcome effect. Not only should you avoid loofahs and body scrubs, you must stop any usage of body brushes while you are at it.
A proper bath is an important part of proper skin care. It is strongly recommended that instead of a plain shower, you should go for a full fledged bath. A bath in warm water is recommended as often as possible. A bath with warm water loosens the dead skin cells that cling to your body. Since these cells are the main culprit of blocked skin pores, a warm bath can go a long way in benefitting against your body acne and numerous other skin problems. While you take a cold shower the opposite happens which leads to more skin problems.

It is also important that you use an effective OTC product to cure body acne. Make sure that you get a product specifically for body acne and not the one meant for facial acne only. Using a facial acne product is wastage of time, money and effort. It will do no good.

Also make sure that you wear loose clothes because tight close will cause moisture accumulation and lead to more skin problems.

All in all, take good care of your skin and you have won half of the war on body acne.


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